Randy and Shelley Schmor

Missionaries – Gateway Teams.
Birthdays: Randy – 09/09 Shelly – 06/14
Kameron – 04/20
Anniversary: 4/30
Posted: Nov. 10, 2017

Central Europe Emphasis

Earlier this year I had one of those unmistakable promptings I’ve come to recognize; that Gateway should begin to highlight even more, the opportunities of Long-Term Partnership (LTP) in Central Europe, namely in Hungary, Romania, and Serbia. Shortly after that initial prompt through today, the confirmations to emphasize this area of the world to churches have continued to come in! Because of this, I’d like to take the opportunity of this newsletter to invite your church to consider an LTP among one of the following potential scenarios (if your church’s pastors and leaders haven’t yet attended one of Gateway’s ‘Long-Term Partnership Orientations,’ please contact us for more information):

Various Roma Villages in Hungary, Serbia, and Romania—in conjunction with the initiatives of Community Health Evangelism (CHE, or MEK in Hungary, ZZ in Serbia), the opportunity exists to pursue a Long-Term Partnership in one of these villages with an emerging believing community. In most cases, a church does not yet exist in these villages but with the strategies employed by CHE, the various social, educational, economic, and spiritual issues that plague these communities can be transformed by the Holistic Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Various Hungarian Baptist Churches in Romania—the initiative that has been set forth by the development of ‘Camp Falcon Rock’ has brought these churches into a denominational relationship between the HBU–Romania and the NAB, and has brought NAB missionaries and HBU–Romania national leaders together as well. As the camp continues to develop, the opportunity exists for churches to partner with the Hungarian Baptist churches that are using and will be using the camp in the future. Each of these Hungarian Baptist churches and their villages are unique and present a great opportunity for long-term relationship and partnership in their individual settings.

Hungarian Baptist Churches in Hungary—HBU–Hungary churches have hosted a number of teams in the past few years for the purpose of reaching their communities through English Camps. They are very resourceful and very capable groups of believers that have a heart to reach their towns and the surrounding region with the Gospel. But, they are also very open to sharing these efforts with a partnering church that will invest with them in a long-term relationship.

Randy’s Schedule

November— NAB IO Meeting (Roseville, CA)

January—NAB Strategy Meetings (Roseville, CA)

Praise/Prayer Items

Praise FOR SAFE TRAVELS and AWESOME RESULTS!… – As a member of the SOE (Short Term Mission Standards of Excellence) Team, I helped host the Missio Nexus Mission Leader Conf. in Dallas, TX. Great interactions! A SOE Planning Retreat followed.

– Time in Hungary at the Central Europe CHE Retreat/Planning sharing an LTP Orientation with leaders from 4 countries!

– Great participation and feedback at STM Leader Trainings (2) and LTP Orientations (2) in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton!

Pray for our son Kameron as he begins his career as a flight attendant this month (based in Chicago).

Pray for the coordination of many Mission Teams and Vision Trips for 2018.

For the Kingdom, Randy Schmor


Paul and Melissa Ewing


Church Planting
Birthdays: Paul – 09/04 Melissa – 12/02
Noah – 04/20 Jonah – 03/06 Elijah – 03/11
Anniversary: 8/14
The Ewings have been serving in Japan as church planters since 1999.
 NEW POST: November 2017


Posted: January 12, 2018


*Christmas events!  Thank you for your prayers.  Though some events were not attended with the number of people we would have liked to have seen, we keep hope that those who were meant to be there, were. God’s gospel and his love were faithfully shared.

*Praise God that no one (family and church family) came down with influenza but remained healthy through the Christmas season.

*Family times!  It was wonderful to have Noah home and we enjoyed watching the brothers be brothers.  It was wonderful to see Noah and Jonah join Paul in leading worship during our New Year’s Day service.

*God is good and faithful.


*For those attending Komyo Christian Church, to understand and take hold of their Christian calling to share Jesus with others and want to serve their community.  That their faith would grow deep into God’s word as they share and serve.

*Opportunities for the church to serve the community.

*Shan Reed as she is on her home assignment and Yuri Nakano and us as we continue the work in Japan for NAB.


Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you for your partnering with us in this adventure and being our prayer warriors alongside us. 

Dear Friends and Family,
It’s been a busy 3 months getting caught back up with ministry, cleaning, organizing, and getting reacquainted with the many people that we minister to and just over all live life with. The boys are still running into past classmates on the train and getting caught up with each other.

The boys have jumped into their life here, Jonah is teaching Elijah the trains and the joy and freedom there is with being able to travel all over Osaka. They are finding their places again at school and, as a junior, Jonah is jumping in as part of the student council helping wherever there is need. Now that both boys are at the same school, and with that, only one school calendar to tackle, we find ourselves making the drive more often to participate in meetings and in order to volunteer.
Paul did not have much time for adjusting back as he needed to take over his field director position and leading the Komyo Church. He has had the privilege to attend various conferences in the Tokyo area, learning and fellowshipping with various missionaries. He is also on the JEMA, JBC, and KCS boards, so he is back to juggling various meetings alongside church and mission responsibilities.
In October, we had a great time of fellowship with the JBC youth. They came to our church for a day of teaching, fellowship, and ministry. The morning was spent looking at Matthew 14:22-36, taking a good look at Peter’s call to walk on the water with Jesus. We were then challenged to “Just do it, in Christ.” After the morning, we spent a few hours at the nursing home behind the church, singing and fellowshipping. The youth were
blessed and energized seeing that yes, they too can “Just do it”, in doing the good works that God has already prepared
for them. (Ephesians 2:10)
Yuri and I had the pleasure of spending 24 hours with the JBC pastors’ wives, studying and fellowshipping. Due to
location and schedules we often don’t have time to meet and fellowship with one another. This time was a wonderful
blessing as we met, studied, and encouraged each other through prayer and conversation. Pray for these wives, many
who have given up careers in order to work alongside their husbands and support the church ministry. They desire to see
God glorified and see many come to Christ.
Please pray with us over our Christmas schedule. As the church celebrates and remembers that God’s love came to earth
in human form, may we bring others along with us to enjoy and be introduced to His love.
Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas blessings to you all. May you all find time to be thankful and to ponder the joy of
God’s love during the coming months.
– Change of seasons. Love God’s colorful creation!
– Our continued adjustment, as it reminds us to rely on God’s strength not ours.
– Maturity in Christ. It is a joy to see those involved in church and Bible studies’ growing in their faith.
– Noah is doing well. Thankful to family who cheered him on through his soccer season. Noah will be spending Christmas with us!
– Christmas season events. May the church members invite others and share the love of God as seen in Jesus’ birth.
– Komyo Church members as they work out their faith and grow as a family of God.
– That we would find regular times of rest and refreshment despite busy schedules.
“Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.”
James 1:16-18 NIV
Paul and Melissa

Rick and Debbie Bardin

AnniversaryJuly 14
Rick – January 16
Debbie – June 12
Physician, Nurse
Specialized Assignment
“For Christ’s love compels us…” 2 Corinthians 5:14a (NIV)
Richard L. Bardin, MD, FACP, FCAP
Debra J. Bardin, RN
Posted: August 2017

Dear family and friends,

“Raindrops keep fallin’ on our heads” is the theme for this month! We are in the height of rainy season again and we actually don’t mind. It is the coolest time of year. Temperatures range from low 60’s to mid 70’s. The best part is that everything is green and lush and there is no dust. The downside is mold and mud ? Can’t have everything!

We have had several big events at the hospital this last 3 months
– French ambassador visited to check on progress of the buildings as France had loaned money for development
– The new OPD (outpatient clinic) opened
– Our hospital CT scanner is now in the port at Douala, to be delivered here in Mbingo very soon we hope
– We now have phase 2 of our EMR (electronic medical records) in use
– In July, we had our CIMS/PAACS graduation – had 5 graduates this year
– Our church has launched a building project since we are outgrowing our present building; many people sit outside each Sunday for lack of space
We also have some other great news. Many of you have been praying for Dr. Mbanga to get into a pathology residency so he can join Rick as a fully trained pathologist! Dr. Mbanga had been accepted into a residency in South Africa but couldn’t get visas for his family. We felt God was closing this door as we believe for Dr. Mbanga to be separated from his family for 4 years would not be God’s way. He began the application process again and has now been accepted to a Path residency in Nairobi, Kenya. This has taken a long time but we just heard a couple of weeks ago that he has been accepted and that visas for the family are not a problem. So, we feel this is a green light from God, and he will be starting early September. Please pray for him and the family during this time of moving and transition. To God be the glory for what He is doing.
Debbie has been able to attend the Women’s Group at church this past year. This has been a great time of weekly Bible study, teaching on given topics, visiting the women who have had babies or had deaths in the family, and getting to know the women in the church better. She taught the women how to make snickerdoodle cookies one week. That was a lot of fun. There is a great community spirit here! She completed her classes and was dedicated into the Mbingo Baptist Church Women’s Group which is under the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Women’s Department. She was one of 10 in the class.
Another bit of news is that Rick has a new ministry. God has given him the opportunity again to disciple one of the CIMS residents. One of our new first year residents had expressed the desire to grow more in his faith. Rick asked if he would like to meet weekly for Bible study and discussion and he was eager to do so. They have been meeting weekly and God has been at work in this young man’s heart. Pray for this to be a time of growing closer to Christ for Dr. Gerald.
Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!
In His Matchless Love,
Debbie and Rick
1. Four pathologists who will be coming to cover portions of Rick’s furlough
2. Dr. Mbanga’s acceptance to University of Nairobi for pathology training
3. Our continued health and strength for the work
1. Still need volunteer pathologists to cover for Rick while we are on furlough (Sept-Dec) – 8 weeks are not yet provided
2. Pray for Dr. Mbanga and family as they get settled in Kenya and he starts his training
3. Pray for our daughter Jeanna’s last trimester of pregnancy and safe delivery
4. Safe travel while visiting 14 of our supporting churches that we couldn’t reach last furlough
Give praise to the LORD, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done.
1 Chronicles 16:8