Randy and Shelley Schmor

Missionaries – Gateway Teams.
Birthdays: Randy – 09/09 Shelly – 06/14
Kameron – 04/20
Anniversary: 4/30
Posted: May 19, 2017



Regarding a ’Wholistic’ Mission/Gospel
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity once again to present and participate in the IWMC (International Wholistic Mission Conference) in Phoenix, Arizona. As you can gather by the title of this conference, the organizers are keen on bringing people together around this idea of a mission (and Gospel) that is ‘whole’; a conviction that the Gospel God calls us to share is in fact ‘Good News’ for every person, every aspect of humanity and all of creation.
When we understand that God’s reconciliatory and redemptive purposes through Christ and His Kingdom encompass a mission that is wholistic (or ‘holistic’), we can also begin to understand that we can be a part of His mission in many ways. As it was with Jesus and His mission while He was here on earth, we need to proclaim this Good News, demonstrate this Good News and like Jesus did in being here on earth in the flesh, incarnate this Good News with our very presence.

I’ve seen wholistic mission in a neighborhood park clean-up effort where members of a Home Church join in; in directing the parent volunteer corp for a son’s/daughter’s musical; and in joining with a partner church in Kosovo as they provide food to hungry families (who happen to be M*sl*m) and provide a safe environment for the youth in those families away from the dangers of crime and prostitution. But as potentially good as each of these examples are of mission, for the Jesus’ follower, wholistic mission doesn’t end with these demonstrations of the Gospel. Mission becomes ‘whole’ when we (1) create relationships with those we come “in contact with” (literally ‘incarnate’) while (2) demonstrating the Good News, which gives the opportunity to (3) proclaim the Good News. So where was the Gospel (Wholistic) shared in these examples….when the park was cleaned up, when the safe environment was created, or when it was told to the parent volunteer how Jesus’ example motivates everything I do? Answer – it’s ALL ‘Good News’ and all a part of a mission that is ‘wholly’ (as well as holy) God’s. Sharing the Wholistic Gospel takes presence, action and words, and participating in Wholistic Mission takes effect in the souls of a people, in the conditions of the community they live in, and in the environment they inhabit. Be on mission…wholly on mission…with the God of mission (Missio Dei)…He can do no less and neither should we.

Randy’s Schedule
-May – NAB UMR Cluster Mtg.(Racine, WI)
-June – NAB Ministry Outreach Mtgs. (Provo, UT)
-July – NAB Overflow’s (Youth) The Gathering (Orange, CA)
-Praise/Prayer Items
-Praise – My dad’s recovery from a bad fall was long but going well. My brother’s cancer treatments are close to finished.Praise

– Safe travels and great presentation and networking opportunities in Illinois, Wisconsin, Mexico, Washington, South Dakota, California, and Arizona.-
-Pray for important strategic meetings (Provo, UT) regarding Gateway’s future growth/development.
-Pray for the many mission teams over the summer months sent from NAB churches.
“From that time Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” – Matt. 4:17
Randy Schmor


Paul and Melissa Ewing


Church Planting
Birthdays: Paul – 09/04 Melissa – 12/02
Noah – 04/20 Jonah – 03/06 Elijah – 03/11
Anniversary: 8/14
The Ewings have been serving in Japan as church planters since 1999.
 NEW POST: August 2017

Preparing to Return

Published on August 15, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

The book of Philippians has been in the highlight of my life for the past year. Paul preached from Philippians 2:12-18, encouraging us to work out our faith on a daily basis as we hold onto the word of God, holding it out to others and shining as brightly as the stars. He reminded us that our sun is our closest star and asked us, “are we shinning as brightly and as brilliantly as our sun?” A lot to ponder, a lot to hold onto. With Philippians as a theme for our lives this year, I worked through a study by Margaret Feinberg, “Overcomer.” At the start of Philippians, the Apostle Paul greets us with, “grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” “Grace is God’s favor, and the word describes God’s character and actions toward His people…but Paul couples grace with peace–a word that alludes to more than well-being but a satisfaction, fulfillment, and wholeness. This kind of peace isn’t based in the absence of something–stress, trials, or hardships–but the presence of Someone. Peace abounds in relationship with God. The deep transforming, holistic shalom ushers us into a life abounding in peace with God, with others, and with-in.” (Margaret Feinberg, “Overcomer”, p.6-7)

I sat with this for a while. I was reminded of Jesus’ words, in this life you will have trouble, people won’t like you, people will persecute you, BUT have hope, have peace, because Jesus has overcome! Resting in God’s plan, holding on to the assurance that everything will work out for good according to His plan. I don’t have to see/know all the details of the plan, or be in charge of the plan. I need to be faithful with what God has given me. As we prepare to return to Japan on August 14 there will be many changes, many challenges, yet may I remain faithful to the good work that God has already gone before me, prepared for me to do.

Jonah, Elijah, and I will be flying from Buffalo on August 14. The boys need to return to Japan by August 16 for immigration purposes. Paul will stay to bring Noah to Houghton College on August 18 and then fly back to Japan on August 21. We covet your prayers as this new chapter in our family life begins. Pray that with the changes we will respond well and hold onto God’s grace and peace.

Since our last newsletter, we continued visiting our supporting churches. Many were located in the Eastern Association, in which we live, and we were able to travel as a family for the weekend. It was nice being together for so many trips. Our lives were blessed by our many visits with the NAB family.

We were also extremely blessed to be given the ability to vacation as a family July 14-21. We were able to stay in Mount Jackson, VA, and take in the local scenery, along with day trips to Monticello and Washington, DC. Along with the sightseeing, God blessed us with fellowship time with Paul’s sister, Deb and her family, and his cousin, Jeremy and his family. God even gave us the joy of being able to reconnect with Paul’s seminary professor, Dr. Hugh Litchfield. It was a lot of driving, but good rest and good family times. Paul was even able to pass on his love of golf to Jonah and Elijah.

Please pray for Yuri Nakano, Shan Reed, and us as we transition once again to working together as a team and prepare for Shan Reed’s home assignment time starting in October. There will be plenty of transition work, organizing and adjustments the first couple months of our return. Please continue to pray for Ken and Rachelle Johnson as they finish their time with NAB and transition from one ministry to another.

Pray for the people of Komyo Christian Church. As Jesus prayed in John 17 for unity, please join with us in praying that the believers of Komyo Church would be unified in Spirit as they continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other. Pray that they will be spiritually protected and that they will continue to seek Jesus and work out their faith so that they might shine like the stars in the heavens.


Paul and Melissa


Rick and Debbie Bardin

AnniversaryJuly 14
Rick – January 16
Debbie – June 12
Physician, Nurse
Specialized Assignment
“For Christ’s love compels us…” 2 Corinthians 5:14a (NIV)
Richard L. Bardin, MD, FACP, FCAP
Debra J. Bardin, RN
Posted: August 2017

Dear family and friends,

“Raindrops keep fallin’ on our heads” is the theme for this month! We are in the height of rainy season again and we actually don’t mind. It is the coolest time of year. Temperatures range from low 60’s to mid 70’s. The best part is that everything is green and lush and there is no dust. The downside is mold and mud ? Can’t have everything!

We have had several big events at the hospital this last 3 months
– French ambassador visited to check on progress of the buildings as France had loaned money for development
– The new OPD (outpatient clinic) opened
– Our hospital CT scanner is now in the port at Douala, to be delivered here in Mbingo very soon we hope
– We now have phase 2 of our EMR (electronic medical records) in use
– In July, we had our CIMS/PAACS graduation – had 5 graduates this year
– Our church has launched a building project since we are outgrowing our present building; many people sit outside each Sunday for lack of space
We also have some other great news. Many of you have been praying for Dr. Mbanga to get into a pathology residency so he can join Rick as a fully trained pathologist! Dr. Mbanga had been accepted into a residency in South Africa but couldn’t get visas for his family. We felt God was closing this door as we believe for Dr. Mbanga to be separated from his family for 4 years would not be God’s way. He began the application process again and has now been accepted to a Path residency in Nairobi, Kenya. This has taken a long time but we just heard a couple of weeks ago that he has been accepted and that visas for the family are not a problem. So, we feel this is a green light from God, and he will be starting early September. Please pray for him and the family during this time of moving and transition. To God be the glory for what He is doing.
Debbie has been able to attend the Women’s Group at church this past year. This has been a great time of weekly Bible study, teaching on given topics, visiting the women who have had babies or had deaths in the family, and getting to know the women in the church better. She taught the women how to make snickerdoodle cookies one week. That was a lot of fun. There is a great community spirit here! She completed her classes and was dedicated into the Mbingo Baptist Church Women’s Group which is under the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Women’s Department. She was one of 10 in the class.
Another bit of news is that Rick has a new ministry. God has given him the opportunity again to disciple one of the CIMS residents. One of our new first year residents had expressed the desire to grow more in his faith. Rick asked if he would like to meet weekly for Bible study and discussion and he was eager to do so. They have been meeting weekly and God has been at work in this young man’s heart. Pray for this to be a time of growing closer to Christ for Dr. Gerald.
Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!
In His Matchless Love,
Debbie and Rick
1. Four pathologists who will be coming to cover portions of Rick’s furlough
2. Dr. Mbanga’s acceptance to University of Nairobi for pathology training
3. Our continued health and strength for the work
1. Still need volunteer pathologists to cover for Rick while we are on furlough (Sept-Dec) – 8 weeks are not yet provided
2. Pray for Dr. Mbanga and family as they get settled in Kenya and he starts his training
3. Pray for our daughter Jeanna’s last trimester of pregnancy and safe delivery
4. Safe travel while visiting 14 of our supporting churches that we couldn’t reach last furlough
Give praise to the LORD, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done.
1 Chronicles 16:8